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The "rivers of gold" captured in the images are actually pits believed to have been dug by unlicensed miners, the space agency says.

The pits, usually hidden from view, were illuminated by reflected sunlight.

An astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) captured the unusual photographs in December.

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Get comfy, for it may be the last time your jimmies know true peace…

>Iran is "weeks" away from their bomb

>Even after our previous Chad president tried to BTFO them through a spec. ops strike
>Iran will inevitably acquire the information on how to harness nuclear power
>SJW's will rejoice that the nuclear monopoly is broken
>SJW's however do not understand global power dynamics, only that there are more than two sexes
>Once Iran goes nuclear, they will build plants
>later is meant to throw off the UN watchdog
>like they ever did their job in the first place
>After they build the bomb in a hot collab with best korea
>Biden will abandon Israel as it is not America's business
>Israel is reduced to black brick
>WWIII insues with the middle east enveloped in fire and flames as the scriptures of old
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